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I Bow to the True Spiritual Guide
µEaIsad\gau$dovaaya namaĮ µ
µEaIsad\gau$dovaaya nama: µ

Created by, self-realisation motivated poet and scholar, Doultramji
AQyaa%map`omaI kivavar pMiDt daOlatramajaIkRt
AQyaa%map`omaI kivavar pMiDt daOlatramaŸkRt

Six Shields (Chha Dhala)
C Zalaa
C ZaLa

The Hindi version is currently being prepared by Minu Rajesh Gupta, Noida, India and the Gujrati version by Deval Rajesh Mehta, Sommerville, USA. The coding into HTML is being carried out by Ekta Vijaykumar Sapani, Hyderabad, India and Nikita Vijaykumar Sapani, Hyderabad, India.

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