Health benefits of being a Jain Vegan - Should we as Jains consume milk products?

At, our aim is to present only true, original and authenticated material - the book "Vegetarian Food & Jain Conduct" has been presented as it is. However due to lots of feedback pointing out the cruel processes used by modern milk industries, this page has been added.

While milk consumption is not forbidden under Jainism, the current practices in milk production are such that consuming milk is not compatible with the kindness expected of Jains. The following tabs cover information on:
(a) Hinsa aspects of milk Consumption (English) (b) Why is practicing Jain Veganism an aspect of Ahinsa? (English & Gujarati) (c) Health Benefits of being a Jain Vegan (English & Gujarati) (d) Nutrients required for a healthy Jain Vegan + Q&As (English & Gujarati) (e) Instant Vegan Milk Recipe (made from Nut, Seed, Cereal & Water)
Don't just read the key points - watch the videos - they are far more informative.

Health benefits of being a Jain Vegan - A talk by Dr Jina Shah on 22 Sept 2013 (in Gujarati & English)

Clip no. Video Audio Key Points
01 Introduction to Speaker
02 Introduction to Topic
03 Why is practicing Jain Veganism an aspect of practicing of Ahinsa?
04 Video (Size: 16Mb, Length: 5 Mins 39 Secs) Audio (2.7 Mb) Health benefits of being a Jain Vegan
  • Cutting out dairy products has the following health benefits
    • It makes a difference in Heart disease
    • It lowers Blood pressure
    • It can prevent or reverse Diabetes

  • Studies have shown that people with these diseases who have cut dairy products out they can:
    • lower their cholesterol without medicines
    • their blood pressure goes down
    • and they can reverse their diabetes

  • If you don't have the diseases then eating a (Jain) Vegan diet can prevent onset of these diseases

  • Just being vegan is not enough to be healthy
  • You need to eat sensibly to be a healthy vegan i.e. not too much fat, oil or sugar
Indians and Disease Risks
  • Indians have a high risk of these diseases a genetic suseptability to deposit abdominal fat in our internal organs giving a higher risk of the metabolic syndrome which includes heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and can give premature strokes and heart attacks
  • So it makes even more sense to become a Jain Vegan
Other Examples of Benefits
  • An audience member has with diet changes including being a Jain vegan has cured themselves, completely of dibilitating psoriatic arthritis and almost of psoriasis too without the use of any medicines
  • A mother of 3 children in California has raised them vegan from birth and whilst the other children in their school have plenty of ear infections her children have none. Ear infections are common in young children. The allergy that children develop to milk also causes infections, allergies and auto-immune diseases. These can also be reduced, reversed and cured by becoming a vegan
  • The benefits list is large
  • Of-course being vegan is not a cure for everything we will all die one day, however the quality of our life will be much better by becoming a vegan
  • We will also be saving ourselves from the sin of being responsible for the hinsa of a 5-sensed being
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