Bahenshree Champaben was a student of Gurudev Shree Kanji Swami. Pujya Champaben obtained samyakt darshan  (self-realisation) at a very young age. She also had knowledge of previous her births

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Childhood and the search for the truth

Champabahen was born in 1914AD on Friday, Shravan Vad 2 in 1970VS (Vikram Samvat ) in Wadhwan, Saurashtra, Gujarat, India. The child Champa was gentle, graceful, objective and soft spoken. Her mother passed away when she was only 3 years old and was then brought up by her elder sister Samratben in Karachi.

Champa was always top of her class at school yet very gentle and courteous. She also valued ethics and read many books on the subject and kept the company of good people. She carried out religious activities while also studying religious texts and trying to focus inwards to attain self-realisation. She sought to discuss religious texts with like-minded people.


In 1985VS, Champaben heard a lecture by Kanji Maharaj (Pujya Gurudev KanjiSwami) for the first time in Gujarat. She realised that this person was describing the true nature of the soul and how to experience the soul.

Upon returning to Karachi, she decided that she wanted to listen to Kanji Maharaj as much as possible and so returned to live in Wadhwan in 1987VS. Here her spiritual search became very intense and attained self-experience at 3.30 PM Monday, Falgun Vad 10 1989VS (1933AD) in Wakaner.

Her respect and devotion to Gurudev KanjiSwami was limitless and remained so throughout her life. Whenever she spoke, she started by saying “Gurudev toh baddhu kahi gaya chhe” (Gurudev has already described everything).

First meeting with Pujya Ben Shantaben and GurudevShree's advice

In the year 1930 GurudevShree chaturmas took place in Amreli. One of Gurudev’s disciples Naranbhai was also in attendance. He was GurudevShree’s friend during their previous lives. As a result of his presence many religious topics were being discussed in detail and with passion. GurudevShree travelled to Vicheeya after his visit to Amreli. Pujya Ben Shantaben went with him. Pujya Champaben was also in attendance there. Both Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben met each other in Vichheeya for the first time. Upon seeing Pujya Champaben, Pujya Ben Shantaben was immediately drawn towards Pujya Champaben as if they were related to each other from the past.

It was in Vichheeya that GurudevShree and the Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben were all present together for the first time. They had been together in their previous lives in Mahavideh and had all finally been reunited here. Pujya Champaben informed Pujya Ben Shantaben that she had seen her in her dream in the same form. It was their friendship from before that had now reunited them.

GurudevShree called Pujya Champaben and compassionately advised her that she should get to know Pujya Ben Shantaben better. GurudevShree advised Pujya Ben Shantaben likewise. Both Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben whole heartedly accepted this advice. Both Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben spent a great deal of time in each other’s company which they thoroughly enjoyed. Both became very good friends and confided in each other. Pujya Champaben used to say that she had a desire to visit GurudevShree wherever he stayed during Chaturmas so that she could also spend time with Pujya Ben Shantaben. In this way both Pujya Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben became fast friends.

In the year 1933, the Chaturmas was held in Rajkot. An extraordinary event then took place - Pujya Champaben arrived in Rajkot after having achieved self realisation (Samyakdarshan). Pujya Ben Shantaben expressed extreme surprise that she had achieved this feat which required so much effort in such a short time after meeting GurudevShree.

Pujya Ben Shantaben used to say that when she listened to GurudevShree’s lectures she would try and put into practice whatever was being taught from within by practicing introspection. After Pujya Gurudev's discourses, both Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben would discuss the day’s lessons between themselves with renewed interest and keenness.

On one particular day on a Friday, both Pujya Benshree Champaben and Pujya Ben Shantaben were out on a walk and Pujya Champaben explained to Pujya Ben Shantaben the art of differentiation (bhed gnan) by giving the example of a crystal. This example has been given by Kundkund Acharya in Samaysar.

The true nature of the crystal is colourless but if you place a red rose next to it, the crystal takes on a red colour. Even when the crystal appears red, its true nature is still colourless. In the same manner, the nature of the soul is pure. However it appears impure as a result of the passions/desires arising within it. Even when the soul appears impure, when you discount the impureness, the true pure nature of the soul is still present. Pujya Benshree Champaben gave such guidance to Pujya Ben Shantaben very compassionately and instructed her to use this example in her efforts.

Pujya Ben Shantaben spent nearly 2 ½ months attempting to keep her focus on her own soul. In the same year, (1934) on Friday Aso Vad 4, at about 10 pm, suddenly she diverted her attention from outer objects and focused on her own soul. She experienced her soul. Pujya Ben Shantaben expressed this to Pujya Benshree Champaben by saying I have joined your type. In this manner Pujya Ben Shantaben was fortunate to receive Pujya Champaben’s blessings.

JatiSmaran Gnaan (Knowledge of some previous lives)

At 10 am on Chaitra Vad 8 ,1993VS (1937AD), Pujya Bahenshree Champaben was meditating. During meditation, the 'Samavsharan' of Simandhar Bhagwan became visible along with many other Omniscient Bhagwans. She could also see Kundkund Acharyadev in human form there listening to Simandhar Bhagwan. Then memories of a number of previous births also became visible. It was this knowledge that confirmed that Pujya KanjiSwami will become Suryakirti Bhagwan in the future.

Prabhavana Yog (Raising awareness of Self-experience)

Pujya Bahenshri Champaben was always quiet, thoughtful, forgiving and constantly strived to immerse herself in self-experience. However, she also provided valuable guidance in laying the foundation and installation of numerous Jain temples. She gave many devotional songs (bhaktis) which can now be seen in devotional books. She also compiled Pujya Gurudev's discourses and explanations on Samaysar, which were published.

A number of ladies who had taken the vow of lifelong celibacy studied under Bahenshri Champaben. They had noted particularly motivating quotes by Bahenshri Champaben. Later, these quotes were compiled into a book called Bahenshri Na Vachanamrut. These quotes are written in the simplest of words but have incredible depth. Gurudev was so pleased with this book that he lectured on it and expressed the hope that 100,000 copies will be printed.

Departure from us

Pujya Bahenshri Champaben's health had not been good for a while and on Vaishakh Vad 3, 2046VS (1990AD) she left her earthly body. Her legacy lives on in literature and audio and video recordings, etc. for us to follow in the same path.