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Eight rochak pradesh

Since 2011, there have been suggestions that:

"the soul has 8 pradeshs (eight rochak pradesh) which are completely free of any karmic bonding"

Is this statement true?
Description of reference Link to Audio pravachan word-to-word transcript of the audio in Gujarati (PDF) word-to-word transcript of the audio in "Lippy English"
Samaysaar Kalash Tika, Pravachan No 102, Kalash 116, Date: 22-Dec-1967 - Magshar Vad 6, Fri, from 28min to 28min 30 sec. Samaysaar Kalash Tika, Pravachan No 102 Hot topics: Aath Rochak_Pradesh Starting at: 28min
"Kyank shoodhi che ane kyank ashoodhi che ne - aath (8) pradesh shoodh che ane bija ashoodh che - tem che nahi, tem kahe che ahiya. Aave che ne bija ma, aath (8) roochak pradesh shoodh che. He? Ahi toh kahe baddha ashoodh che paryaaye toh - asankhyat pradeshey paryaay ashoodh che."
Ending at: 28min 30sec
Punchastikaai, Pravachan No 42, Gatha 41, Date: 19-Jan-1970 - Posh Sud 12, Mon, from 17min 30sec to 18min Punchastikaai, Pravachan No 42 Hot topics: Aath Rochak_Pradesh Starting at: 17min 30sec
"Asankhya pradesh ma j te jaatnu aavran che. Samjanu kai? Koi pradesho khula che - aath (8) roochak ne bija aachadan che tem nathi, tem siddh kare che. Swetamber ma aave che aath (8) roochak niraavaran - khula che. Khulo hoi toh asankhyamo bhaag khulo thai gayo. Asankhyamo bhaag khulo thata kevalgnaan no asankhyamo bhaag pragat thai gayo. Ane asankhyamo bhaag pragat thata lok-alok jaane ene, karan ke tethi anantguni janvani shakti che."
Ending at: 18min