Characteristics of Siddhas (Liberated Souls)

Now, we meditate on the characteristics of Siddhas (liberated disembodied omniscients). He (the true believer) who having renounced the house-holder's life and by following the monk's conduct has attained the four infinites (infinite knowledge perception, bliss and energy) on destruction of four Ghati karmas (obscuring karmas), and after lapse of some time, on destruction of the four Aghati Karmas (Non-obscuring Karmas) also, quitting the supernatural body, he reached at the summit of the universe by virtue of upward-motion nature; there he attained the perfect liberated state by getting release from the association of all foreign susbstances and whose soul's spatial units retained the shape of human form i.e., a little less than the final body; and whose counter-effect producing karmas got destroyed, hence all spiritual attributes like right belief-knowledge-perception, etc., got fully manifested in their natural states and whose attachment with Nokarmas, body etc.) has ended; hence the immateriality etc., all spiritual traits, got manifested and whose Bhavakarmas (psychic impure dispositions like attachment-aversion, etc.) are destroyed, hence the manifestation of imperturbable wholly-blissful form of pure self-nature is continuing incessantly and by whose meditation the capable souls (Bhavya-Jivas) attain the discriminative-knowledge of the self-substance and non-self-substances and of alien impure dispositions (evolving due to rise of Karmas) and natural pure dispositions (evolved in the absence of karmas) and by virtue of which the means of attaining Siddhahood is achieved.Definition of BhedGnaan Therefore, for attaining one's own pure nature which alone is worth attaining, they (the Siddhas) serve as images for exhibiting it and who have become kritkritya (attained the supreme attainable), hence continue to dwell in such (a perfect blissful) state infinitely; our salutations to such accomplished Siddhas.

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