Pujya Lalchandbhai Amarchand Modi, a premier student of Gurudev Shree Kanji swami and a self-realised soul. Lalchandbhai had the ability to distill any material into its essential points and convey the essence in an easy to understand manner without too many words

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Why is Lalchandbhai special enough to pay attention to?

Lalchandbhai's focus was atmanubhav (soul-experience). In all his lectures you will find discussion of:- So by studying with Lalchandbhai we will be able to quickly and easily understand the true nature of the soul and how to experience it.

Lalchand - The young boy

The baby Lalchand was born in Vikram Sanvat 1967 on Jyest Sud 9 (June 1910) to mother Fulba in Limbuda (Gujarat). Father Amarchandbhai was a keen student of Jain tattva. They were Jains following the Sthanakvasi sect. Lalchand had three brothers and one sister.

The boy Lalchand was very clever and handsome yet kind. Unfortunately, his mother passed away just as he entered his teens. The boy and then the young man Lalchand was honest and gentle in his conduct but always questioning of the reasons behind religious activities.

Lalchandbhai-the youth and meeting Gurudev

At the age of 21, he obtained the book “Shreemad Rajchandraji” which he studied extensively. The first meeting with Pujya Gurudev KanjiSwami took place at the age of 29 in Jetpur. Even though it was the first time that the two met, Gurudev said that there are some deep thoughts that I will share with you when you come to Songadh.

Lalchandbhai moved to Rajkot and at the age of 32 where he heard Pujya Gurudev's pravachan for the first time. The lecture fired up an even stronger desire to understand Jain tattva.

Structured Study and Choosing Guru

At the age of 40, Lalchandbhai started a structured study of Jain tattva with a Pundit. The Pundit who was going to help Lalchandbhai study Jain Siddhant Praveshika said that the only time available was in early morning at 4am. So despite suffering from mild fever, Lalchandbhai started studying and as word got out, other friends such as Dr Chandubhai, etc. joined in.

After completing the structured studies, Lalchandbhai had two people who could be his Guru, Pujya KanjiSwami and Ganeshprad Varniji. To make the decision, he asked each of them a number of questions and then Lalchandbhai went alone at the age of 43 to stay in Girnar for 8 days. There he studied Shree Samaysaarji in depth and objectively considered the two people (and their answers to his questions). Lalchandbhai firmly decided that Pujya Gurudev KanjiSwami was the right person to be his Guru and from then onwards studied intensively in accordance with Pujya Gurudev's teachings.

Leading swadhyay in Rajkot Mandir, move to Songadh

In 1956 (when Lalchandbhai was 45) Gurudev said “Lalbhai, from now on you have to read (in the Rajkot Mandir)”. Lalchandbhai pleaded that he was newly joined and had lots to learn yet. At which Ramjibhai said “Time is not important”. From 1956, for many years, Lalchandbhai led the swadhyay in Rajkot Mandir.

Later on, Lalchandbhai moved to a rented house in Songadh to benefit from Gurudev's swadhyay daily. Just before Lalchandbhai moved to Songadh, swadhyay of Samaysaarji had just finished and another shastra had been started. When Gurudev heard that Lalchandbhai has moved to Songadh, he started swadhyay of Samaysaarji again with Lalchandbhai in mind.

Samyakt Darshan (Self Experience), Friends with Nihalchandbhai Sogani

In 1960, at the age of 50, Lalchandbhai was studying Gatha 6 of Shree Samysaarji. There was a towel drying on a line outside and Lalchandbhai had an intense rejection arise from deep within him “This towel is not being known, the knower is being known”. His knowledge dived deep into his core and self-experience occurred. In 1964 on Falgun Shuddh 3 VS2020, Lalchandbhai's father, Amarchandbhai attained self-experience as well.

Friendship with Nihalchandbhai Sogani

Lalchandbhai had contact with Nihalchandbhai Sogani over a period of 3 years which turned into a strong friendship. Later Nihalchandbhai's quotes were collated by Lalchandbhai, Amarchandbhai and Shashibhai Sheth. When Gurudev heard that Lalchandbhai was leading the effort, Gurudev gave the green light for publication of DravyaDashti Prakash.

Swadhyay in Mumbai

At the age of 62 (1972), financial difficulties forced Pujya Lalchandbhai to go to Mumbai to earn money. Lalchandbhai had set a target for how much money he needed and that as soon as that figure was reached he would return to Rajkot. He reached the target in 5 years and returned to Rajkot.

While Lalchandbhai was in Mumbai, this is what Gurudev said about him:- “Lalchandbhai is leading swadhyay in Mumbai. Temni bahu j nirmal dashti chhe (He has a very pure faith)” (Shree Samysaar, Gatha 85, 3 August 1976).

Nairobi, Kenya and London, UK

In 1977, the foundations of a new Mandir in Nairobi were to be laid. Lalchandbhai and Babubhai from Fatehpur were asked to go to Nairobi to carry out the foundation ceremonies. They were there for a number of months during which Lalchandbhai lectured regularly. Referring to this event Gurudev said Lalchandbhaini bahu nirmal dashti chhe (Lalchandbhai has a very pure faith)” (Bahenshreena Vachanamrut, Bol 231 to 235, Pravachan 91, 11 September 1978). Lachandbhai's Nairobi Lectures are now available online

In 1982, Pujya Lalchandbhai lectured in UK for a period of 6 weeks. These lectures are remarkable because in very simple language, they take a novice with little or no knowledge of Jainism to becoming knowledgeable in the essentials. The London series of lectures are also online.

More detailed life story

There are many other events which have been captured in the book “Dravya Svabhhav, Priyaay Svabhaav” which are not listed here.

Lalchandbhai's Summary of Key concepts

Lalchandbhai was well known for summarising, without distortion, key concepts such as:-
    • ૧. હું જાણનાર છું; હું કરનાર નથી, જાણનારો જણાય છે; ખરેખર પર જણાતું નથી.
    • 1. I am a knower, I am not a doer. The knower is being known; in reality non-self is not being known.

    • ૨. પ્રમાણની બહાર જવું નહીં; પ્રમાણમાં અટકવું નહીં
    • 2. Do not go outside your boundary. Do not stop at your boundary

    • ૩. થવા યોગ્ય થાય છે, જાણનારો જણાય છે.
    • 3. That which is appropriate to happen is happening. The knower is being known.

    • ૪. પર્યાયની અસ્તિ, પણ મારામાં તેની નાસ્તિ; એવી મારી અસ્તિ - એ અસ્તિની મસ્તી તેનું નામ અનુભવ.
    • 4. State exists, but not in me; that is how I exist - that existence's enjoyment is experience.

    • ૫. પરિણામ મારા કર્યા વિના થયા કરે છે. અને જાણનારો જણાયા કરે છે.
    • 5. States are continuously happening without my doing them. And knower continues to be known.

    • ૬. અકર્તા+કર્તાકર્મનુ અનન્યપણું = અનુભૂતિ.
    • 6. Non Doer + Doer & Deed's oneness = experience
    • 6. Non Doer plus Doer & Deed's oneness is equal to experience.

    • ૭. રહિત પૂર્વક સહિત - ઘ્યેય પૂર્વક જ્ઞેય.
    • 7. With (સહિત) inclusive of without (રહિત) – Gney (Dravya and Inward looking Pariyay) inclusive of Dhyey (Dravya)

    • ૮. સ્વપર પકાશક અને સ્વપર પ્રતિભાસમાં તફાવત.
    • 8. Difference between self-nonSelf illuminator (knower) and self-nonSelf reflector

    • ૯. અક દ્રવ્ય સ્વભાવ - બીજો પર્યાય સ્વભાવ.
    • 9. One: dravya's nature - other pariyay's nature.

    • ૧૦. અજ્ઞાની પ્રથમ પ્રમાણપૂર્વક નયમાં આવે છે. જ્યારે જ્ઞાનીને નયપુર્વક સમ્યક્ પ્રમાણ થાય છે.
    • 10. The one who doesn't know initially comes into “nai” via “praman”. Whereas for the knowledgeable one true “praman” knowledge occurs inclusive of “nai”.
    • 10. ignorants (Not-Self-experienced) understanding of their their own realm i.e. self substance and state preceeds understanding of points of view of knowledge. Whereas Self-experienced one's knowledge of points of view preceeds automatic knowledge of own realm.

    • ૧૧. પ્રતિભાસ (સ્વપર) બેનો; લક્ષ એકનું.
    • 11. Refection of both (self and nonSelf); attention (decision of what is being known) of one.

    • ૧૨. જેમ જગતમાં કોઈ નિમિત નથી, તેમ જગતમાં તારા જ્ઞાનનું કોઈ જ્ઞેય નથી.
    • 12. Just as there is no “nimit” at all in the universe, in the same way your knowledge has no subject at all in the universe.

Tattvik (Essential) Legacy continues

Lalchandbhai passed away in February 1998, leaving behind a rich legacy of undistorted propagation of Gurudev KanjiSwami's preachings. We are poorer for having lost him but the essence of Jainism lives on in his lectures. Lalchandbhai's lectures are available in video, audio and text formats on this AtmaDharma.

Lecture Content

In every lecture you will find discussion of:-

  • dhyey = the eternal unchanging soul and
  • gney = dhyey + the changing state of knowing focused on dhyey.

  • Lalchandbhai explained in precise detail the little known yet meaningful essence that gney inclusive of dhyey occurs simultaneously in such a way that an unbiased and true understanding (soul-experience) arises.

    Pujya Shree Lalchandbhai's New lectures

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    પૂજ્ય ભાઈ શ્રી લાલચંદભાઇ, રાજકોટ

    પૂજ્ય ભાઈ શ્રી લાલચંદભાઇ મોદી (રાજકોટ, India)

    આદરણીય પૂજ્ય ભાઈ શ્રી લાલચંદભાઇ મોદી (રાજકોટ, India), કે જેઓ આપણા સ્વાનુભવથી વિભૂષિત અધ્યાત્મ સંત ધર્મપિતા પૂજ્ય ગુરુદેવશ્રી કાનજીસ્વામીના પ્રમુખ શિષ્યરત્ન હતા.

    આદરણીય શ્રી લાલચંદભાઇમાં એવી શક્તિઓ હતી કે :-

    લાલચંદભાઇના મુખ્ય પોઇન્ટસમાંથી નમુનો

    લાલચંદભાઇ ઘણા બધા શાસ્ત્રોમાંથી આગમના સારભૂત અધ્યાત્મ કાઢીને તેના પોઇન્સ બનાવતા. તેમનામાંથી નમુનો:-

    પૂજ્ય ભાઈશ્રી લાલચંદભાઇના નવા પ્રવચન

    પૂજ્ય ભાઈશ્રી લાલચંદભાઇના નવા વિડિયો, ઓડિઓ અને લિખિત પ્રવચનનો નિયમિત મોકલવામાં આવે છે - તેમની માહિતી માટે:
  • તે ઉપરાંત તત્ત્વ ચર્ચા અને ક્વિઝ નિયમિત રીતે ચાલે છે. જાણકારી માટે ધ્યેય પૂર્વક જ્ઞેય Telegram ગ્રુપ ક્લિક કરો અને Join ક્લિક કરો.
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    पूज्य भाईश्री लालचंदभाई, राजकोट

    पपूज्य भाईश्री लालचंदभाई मोदी (राजकोट, इंडिया)

    आदरणीय पूज्य भाईश्री लालचंदभाई मोदी (राजकोट, इंडिया) जो कि स्वानुभव से विभूषित अध्यात्म-संत धर्मपिता पूज्य गुरुदेवश्री कानजी स्वामी के प्रमुख शिष्य रत्न थे।

    आदरणीय श्री लालचंदभाई में ऐसे शक्तियाँ थी कि:-

    लालचंदभाई के मुख्य सूत्रों में से कुछ सूत्र

    लालचंदभाई बहुत सारे शास्त्रों से आगम का सारभूत अध्यात्म निकालकर सूची बनाते थे। उसमें से कुछ बिन्दु निम्नलिखित है:-

    पूज्य भाईश्री लालचंदभाई का प्रवचन

    पूज्य भाईश्री लालचंदभाई का नया वीडिओ, आँडियो और लिखित प्रवचन नियमित भेजने में आता है - उसकी जानकारी के लिए:-
  • इसके अतिरिक्त तत्त्व चर्चा और क्विज़ भी नियमित रीति से चलती है। जानकारी के लिए ध्येय पूर्वक ज्ञेय Telegram ग्रुप पर क्लिक करें और Join बटन पर क्लिक करें।
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