Obeisance to Siddhas
(Supreme Liberated Souls)

(The Illuminator of the Path of Liberation)
Acharyakalp Pt. Todamalji, Jaipur


Chapter 1

  2. Characteristics of Arhantas
  3. Characteristics of Siddhas (Liberated Souls)
  4. General Characteristics of Jaina Monks: Acharya, Upadhyaya and Sadhus
  5. Characteristics of Acharya (Chief of Congregation of Monks)
  6. Characteristics of Upadhyaya (Preceptor Monk)
  7. Characteristics of Sadhu (Ascetic Monk)
  8. Purpose of Adoration
  9. Accomplishment of Purpose from Arhantas, etc.
  10. Purpose of Observing Benediction (Mangalaacharan)
  11. Authenticity of This Book and Scriptural Tradition
  12. A Word About This Book
  13. Negation of Writing False Words
  14. Shastras worth Reading & Listening
  15. Traits of a Discourser
  16. Characteristics of Listeners
  17. Special Characteristics of the listeners (of Jaina-Shastras)
  18. Meaningfulness of Moksha Marg Prakashak Shastra
Chapter 2

  1. Nature Of Mundane Existence
  2. Diagnosis Of Karmic Bondage
  3. Establishing Eternity Of Karmic Bondage
  4. Distinctiveness Of Soul And Karmas
  5. Obscuring (Ghati) & Non-Obscuring (Aghati) Karmas And Their Function
  6. Destruction Of Jiva's Natural Functioning And Assembling Of External Things By Strengthless Material Karma
  7. Process Of New Bondage
  8. Yoga (Vibratory Activity) The Cause Of Prakriti Bandh (Type-Bondage) And Pradesh Bandh (Space-Bondage)
  9. Duration & Fruition Bondage Caused By Passions
  10. Transformation Of Insentient Matter-Particles (Atoms) Into Appropriate Species Of Karmas
  11. State Of Existence Of Bonded Karmas
  12. The Ripening (Operative State) Of Bonded Karmas
  13. Characteristics Of Dravya-Karmas & Bhava-Karmas
  14. Characteristics And Tendency Of Nokarmas (Quasi-Passions)
  15. Nitya (Eternal) Nigoda And Itara (Non-Eternal) Nigoda State Of Jiva
  16. States Of Jiva Caused Due To The Disease Of Karmic Bondage
  17. Dependent Functioning Of Mati-Jnan
  18. Dependent Functioning Of Shrut-Jnana (Scriptural Knowledge)
  19. Functioning Of Clairvoyance, Telepathy & Omniscience
  20. Functioning Of Ocular, Non-Ocular, Clairvoyant And Omni-Perception
  21. Functioning of Knowledge & Perception
  22. Jiva's State Due to Rise of Mohaniya-Karma
  23. Jiva's Condition Due to the Rise of Darshan-Moha (Faith-deluding) Karma
  24. Jiva's Condition Due to the Rise of Charitra Moha
  25. Jiva's Condition Due to Rise of Antaraya-Karma
    (Obstructive Karma)

  26. Jiva's Condition Due to Rise of Vedniya-Karma (Feeling-producing Karma)
  27. Jiva's Condition Due to Rise of Ayu (Life) Karma
  28. Jiva's Condition Due to Rise of Nama-Karma (Physique-making Karma)
  29. Jiva's Condition Due to Rise of Gotra-Karma (Status-determining Karma)
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