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Hot Green Chutney


This makes 10 servings


  1. Wash green vegetables
  2. Grind cumin and methi and store ready for use
  3. Mix chopped coconut, peanuts, salt, lime juice in blender jug. Blend slightly coarse, not compeletely smooth and keep aside for use later
  4. Blend green vegetables, lime juice, salt, green chillies, ground cumin and methi. Process till smooth
  5. Mix 3 & 4 thoroughly. Add water or more lime juice if necessary, to keep chutney wet/slightly runny
  6. Add spices as needed and blend them into some of the chutney and then mix all the chutney again
  7. This can be served with the Vegetable Bhel or Petis / Idli

Video Recipe/Pictures

Hot Green Chutney View 1
Hot Green Chutney View 1
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Hot Green Chutney View 2