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Ingredients for 10 servings


  1. Shell the peas and then wash them
  2. Crush the peas in a food processor
  3. Coarsely chop the orange and green peppers in food processor
  4. Make a paste of the lime juice and chillies
  5. Add all the above into a mixing bowl and mix well. Taste and add salt as required
  6. Wash pava quickly in water (they break up if too wet) and immediately strain in colander or strainer
  7. Add some pava at a time to the veg mixture and mix thoroughly. Consistency should be of dough type (make sure there are enough pava)
  8. Take a small portion of dough and flatten into Petis/Idli shape – if this works dough is right
  9. If the mixture falls apart add more pav
  10. Use all the dough to make Petis/Idlis! For speed you can also use a round deep spoon to squeeze the mixture into and pop the Petis/Idli out.
  11. Serve with Sweet Red Chutney and Hot Green Chutney OR Raw Mung Daal Shaak OR even just on their own!

Video Recipe/Pictures

Petis/Idli View 1
Petis/Idli View 1
Petis/Idli View 2
Petis/Idli View 2
Petis/Idli View 3
Petis/Idli View 3