Besides these, abdication of five sins and the basic tenets of Jains i.e. renouncing of eating in the night and using water after filtering are also included in it. In this way, the name "Vegetarian food and Jain-conduct year" becomes meaningful.

Yes, in this context one question can be raised, as to what is the harm in naming it "Jain-conduct year" only when vegetarian food is automatically covered in Jain-conduct?

Yes, there is no harm; but today "vegetarian food" word is known world-wide and even all Jains are not fully familiar with the word Jain-conduct.

Therefore, it is essential to keep the words vegetarian food. The other point is that we wish to work hand-in-hand with the whole Jain community. Therefore, it is desirable for us to stick to the words in the same form in which they are fixed by it.

Our field of propagation is mainly Jain community and not other communities. Its major part is still fully vegetarian; but some laxity has positively percolated in it as regards renouncing of food in the night, using water after filtering and non-eating of tuber-roots. Therefore, without including the aspect of encouragement of observing these practices, there was a possibility of the whole effort becoming worthless. Therefore, after deep thought alone it was decided that we must name it as "vegetarian food and Jain-conduct year".

To that Jain community which is far away from meat eating, preaching the eatability of potato, brinjal, radish, carrot, etc. along with negation of meat eating seems to be quite inconsistent.

Along with the negation of meat eating, the negation of eating of uneatables is also desirable for us. By the words vegetarian food alone our aforesaid intention could not be fully clarified. Therefore, we have thought it necessary to add the words Jain-conduct with the word vegetarian food.

It should be noted that we have not undermined the propagation of vegetarian food; it is invariably our chief aim; but we have included Jain-conduct also with it.