This is a settled fact that without pure, virtuous and moral conduct not only contentment and happiness in life will remain far away, but even the capability of understanding the ways and means of achieving tranquillity and happiness could not be evolved. Therefore, those who desire their souls to be happy, wish to obtain spiritual peace, in other words want to evolve right faith-knowledge-conduct, wish to realise self-soul, they too should pay full attention towards these things. Their life and living should also be endowed with virtue; they should lead a pious life; their surroundings too should be pious and virtuous. "This is the activity of the body" - by saying this it is not desirable to ignore such practices.

People desirous of worldly happiness and pleasures will assuredly have to be vegetarians, otherwise their life and surroundings could not escape from being deformed,. Therefore, it is very well determined that from both the worldly and spiritual point of view to adopt vegetarian way of life is not only desirable but is indispensable.

I conclude with the pious desire that all souls capable to attain liberation may get happiness and peace in their life by adopting vegetarian food and Jain-conduct in their life