The tendency towards non-vegetarian food is ever increasing in today's world and therefore it is being felt necessary to propagate for the vegetarian food. If we are not awakened timely, one day we will be at such a point from where it will not be possible to revert.

No doubt, Jain Community is basically vegetarian one but now downward trend has started in it. It is because of this that year 1991 was declared as Shakahar Year (Vegetarian Food Year) by the active Jain Community and everything possible was done in that respect.

The Akhil Bharatvarshiya Jain Yuva Federation also joined in this pious mission. Consequently, a number of programmes were chalked out and with full vigour same were executed. For that Shakahar-Shrawakachar Rath (Vegetarian-food - Jain-conduct Mobile Van) was also taken throughout the country to propagate this noble cause. The same is still continuing and it is getting full success. Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust actively helped and is helping to the Federation.

The Federation celebrated this year as Shakahar-Shrawakachar Year Vegetarian Food and Jain-conduct Year). Why Shrawakachar (Jain-Conduct) has been added by the Federation will be clear by reading this booklet. At the request of Federation, Dr. Hukumchandji Bharill had written this book in Hindi which has been printed in Hindi to the tune of 125,200. It has been translated in Gujarat as well as Marathi. In Gujarati 17,000 copies have been published from Bombay and in Marathi 5,000 copies from Nagpur. This English edition of 5,000 copies is also out and this total publication comes to 1,52,200 copies Besides, translation in Kannad is also being carried out.

Dr. Bharill up-till now has written 30 books. English translation 18 of them has been there as given in this book.

We are thankful to Professor Jamnalalji Jain, Visiting Professor, Devi Ahilya University, Indore for kindly translating this book in English and to Shri Rajmalji Jain of Jaipur for editing and proof reading of the same. We also convey our thanks to Messrs Jaipur Printers Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur for bringing out this publication so nicely and promptly.

I take leave of the readers only with the wish that the whole world may go through this book, understand the correct nature of Vegetarian Food and Jain-Conduct.

2nd October, 1992
Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust