VEGETARIAN-FOOD AND JAIN-CONDUCT > How can Vegtarianism be Promoted

After considering over the form, utility and necessity of vegetarian food and Jain-conduct, it is now desirable to ponder over those circumstances because of which meat-eating is gaining promotion and continuously vegetarian food and Jain-conduct are being side-tracked. Consideration of those ways and means is also desirable which are helpful in the promotion of the propagation of vegetarian food and Jain-conduct.

These days the inclination to use readymade articles of food and drink is gaining ground continuously. By the advent of ladies in this field, this tendency is becoming increasingly popular. Now nobody wants to get food prepared at home; all are running towards the bazaar for ready made food. Not only towards the shops of sweet makers or public restaurants for ready made food, but these days large-scale industries have been established for ready made food. All this is happening by copying the West.

In the use of such articles, knowingly or un-knowingly the use of wine and meat is involved. In the same way, such articles are included in the ready made adoration articles available in the market in whose production, besides injury being involved, cruelty also exists.

Those people who are totally vegetarian, non-violent and wish to remain non-violent and veg-etarian, they too knowingly-unknowingly eat and drink those articles, make use of those adoration articles which are mixed with injurious and impure articles; thus in other words, we are getting involved in the use of wine and meat in one form or other.

If we have to save vegetarian society from the use of such meat-mixed food, wine and injurious adoration articles, then we shall have to make available such products in the market, which do not contain meat or flesh, are not ceased on use of eggs, do not contain wine or honey and are not produced out of injury; because now it is not possible to restrain them from the use of readymade food articles and adoration articles available in the market. But if we can make available other non-injurious articles in their place at the same price or even at lesser price, then we can get success assuredly.

For this, industrialists shall have to come forward. This battle shall have to be fought on many fronts. Industrialists should produce non-injurious food articles and adoration articles; saints, monks and influential wise discoursers should prepare the society mentally for their use; physicians too should explain to people that for sound health vegetarian food is the best food. The quantum of influence which a physician can exert to that extent, any saint, monk or wise discourser cannot exert, because the extent to which people care for their life and health, to the same extent they do not pay attention even on morality or religious activities.

The researchers also have a duty to evolve such formulas for food articles which are less expensive and vitamins, etc. all things are included into it. On the basis of such formulas, industrialists should produce food articles, saint-monks should prepare the mental background of the society for the same, learned people should produce literature on it and social workers should carry the message to the masses; then only some success will be achieved.

"What the society will do and what will it achieve" - only future will show it, but it is our personal duty that we ourselves become totally vegetarian, make our family vegetarian. Whosoever comes in our contact we persuade him too to become vegetarian.